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diy wreath

‘Tis the season to get crafty! Welcome friends and family to your home for the holidays with a custom-made wreath. Whether you make our classic Christmas wreath with red and green accents or create your own contemporary version with ornaments and glitter, there are plenty of options with just a few supplies from pOpshelf. 


What you’ll need to get started: 


-A base wreath

-Faux winter berries and greenery

-Faux mini pinecones

-Buffalo plaid bows

-Battery-operated LED lights

-A pair of wire cutters

-A high-temp hot glue gun

First, choose the size and material of your base wreath – we recommend metal or grapevine. Start to arrange the faux greenery around your wreath and play around with the spacing to find what you like best. Once you’re happy with the shape, use your wire cutters to help clip and bend your greenery around the wreath base.


Next, practice arranging the accessories you want to add into the wreath (think faux berries, pinecones and bows). Again, use the wire cutters to clip and weave any extras in with the rest of the greenery. Use a hot glue gun to attach any accessories that don’t have wires. 

Finish your wreath by wrapping the string of LED lights all the way around it, tucking the battery pack out of sight behind the greenery. Hang your handmade wreath and admire it all season long! 

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