ho-ho-homemade cheer

Make the holidays even sweeter with a family crafting night. These homemade Christmas tree ornaments are perfect for getting crafters of all ages into the holiday spirit with a simple set of instructions and tons of creative options. Bonus points if you serve hot chocolate while you wait for the glue to dry!


What you’ll need to get started:


-Popsicle sticks (3 for every ornament)

-Brown construction paper


-Liquid glue




-Pipe cleaners


Start by gluing three popsicle sticks in the shape of a triangle to form the tree base – repeat for as many trees as you’d like to make. Let glue dry, and then add your own custom decorations. Get creative with color, glitter, pom-poms and anything else you’d like! 

We love twisting glittery pipe cleaners around the tree for a touch of glam tinsel and adding pom-poms as colorful ornaments. You can also cut out small rectangles of brown paper and glue them to the bottom of each tree to form a cute trunk. Don’t forget to add a star on top! 

After you’ve finished trimming the tree, tie the string into loops and glue to the back of each ornament. Let everything dry completely, then hang your Christmas creation from the real tree and watch it sparkle.

Total: $7.00