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marble painting

Marbling is, hands down, one of our favorite DIY activities for crafters of all skill levels, made all the easier with our Water Marbling kit that helps you create art from a simple mix of water and paint. And the best part? You can marble almost anything. From different surfaces like paper, ceramics, cardboard or wood to different paints like watercolor, acrylics, spray paints and even nail polish, marbling is both creatively freeing and super fun.

All you need is a container to hold your water/paint mixture, paper, a mixing utensil (toothpicks, straws or skewers work well) and all the creativity you can muster. Then, simply mix your paints or powders into the water, use your utensil to swirl it about, lay a piece of paper on top of the mixture, lift and voila.


Ready for more? Set your piece aside to dry, add more color to your mixture and repeat. It’s that easy.

Total: $3.00