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Trendy Tie-Dye

Banish summer boredom and give your closet a color boost with tie-dye. This hands-on craft lets kids and adults alike flex their creativity while exploring a new skill. Make your own to-dye-for T-shirt, headband, socks or anything else you’d like (100% cotton, rayon or silk fabrics work best). Adding your personal twist is what makes it so fun!

What you’ll need to get started:

- Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit® 2 Color Mini (includes protective gloves, rubber bands and 4 one-step dye bottles)

- A clothing item to dye 

- A pitcher of water

- A zip-top plastic bag 

Following the instructions in your kit, fold the fabric in place for your pattern of choice. Secure with rubber bands where needed. Pull on protective gloves, and then activate your one-step dyes by adding water to the bottles included in your kit. Once the dyes are mixed, add your color(s) of choice to the fabric in the areas you’d like to dye. Store the fabric in a zip-top bag while you wait for it to work.

Wait 8 hours for the dye to work its magic, then rinse and wash your colorful creation before trying it on. Wear your tie-dye with pride! 

Total: $8.00