Therawell Weighted Eye Mask, Teal


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  • Eye mask filled with weighted tourmaline beads
  • 100% polyester and made to block out light and distractions
  • Lavender scented after heating
  • Use for hot or cold therapy


The Therawell weighted eye mask is made to help relieve muscle pain and stiffness with this unique weighted warming effect to soothe, comfort and calm tired sore muscles. Weighted wellness accessories help to provide a sense of calm due to the therapeutic effects that they provide. Deep pressure therapy stimulates the same feeling of a gentle hug, which enables signals to the brain to reduce stress hormones helping bring a sense of calm and improve your mood. For optimal therapeutic benefits, heat before use.

Color: Teal
Brand: Therawell
Size: 5 x 10 in.
Assembled Product Height: 4.72 in
Assembled Product Width: 4.72 in
Assembled Product Length: 10.23 in
Assembled Product Weight: 2.9 lb
Powered: false
Instructions: HEATING: Place half a cup of water inside microwave. Be careful when removing the cup of water as it may be very hot. Place the eye mask onto a non-metallic plate and place inside microwave oven, making sure the filling inside is evenly distributed. Make sure the turntable is able to rotate freely, is clean and free of grease or anything which could cause burning. In the even of overheating, allow to return to room temperature and inspect all seams and condition of the eye mask. Do not use if damaged. Heat for 1-minute and carefully touch-test. Continue to heat in increments of 10 seconds until desired temperature is reached, up to a maximum of 1 mins for 500-750 watt microwaves and a maximum of 1 1/2 minutes for 800-1000 watt microwaves. One heated allow to stand for 30 seconds before use. COOLING: Place the eye mask in a plastic bag in the freezer for at least 3 hours
Total Fat Per Serving: false
Material: polyester
Country of Origin - Textiles: Imported
Aerosol: no
SKU: 27789001

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