fall into trendy autumn décor

General hero image - pOpshelf
General hero image - pOpshelf


As fall approaches with cooler temperatures cool and changing leaves, bring the warmth of autumn colors into your home to help celebrate the season.   Your neighborhood pOpshelf is stocked with simple and affordable options and is sharing simple steps to “fall-ify” spaces for the season.


Step 1: Seeing Crisp Colors


First, focus on décor with crisp autumn colors to compliment a space’s original color scheme. Consider placing a pumpkin porch leaner on the front porch and hanging a sunflower wreath on the front door to give guests a warm welcome. Next, remember table décor isn’t just for the table!  Add pOpshelf’s glass and ceramic pumpkins and harvest-themed wooden signs around the home to help create an autumn theme throughout!  


Step 2: A Cozy Feel


Take advantage of pOpshelf’s wide assortment of pillows and throws to help create a cozy, crisp and comforting feel. Place seasonal products in frequently-trafficked rooms such as the living room, bathroom, patio and bedroom. A pumpkin pillow paired with a scripted fall pillow can be perfect additions on couches and beds for an autumn touch, and a Tan and White Striped Woven Throw Blanket can  bring the season’s warm tones indoors!.


Step 2: Autumn Aroma


Scents of the season can truly bring a fall feeling into any space, indoor or outdoor. Stock up on inviting pOpshelf candles with sandalwood and cardamom or fire scents.  Another option would be to place the candles in an amber-colored glass candle holder to help tie in with seasonal décor.



With the majority of pOpshelf merchandise priced at $5 or less and décor items starting at $1, shopping for fall favorites is now a stress-free and fun experience! Find a local pOpshelf store by visiting https://www.popshelf.com/stores