kickoff National Picnic Month at pOpshelf

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Kickoff National Picnic Month this July by planning the perfect picnic with help from pOpshelf! Picnics are a great way to spend time with friends, family or loved ones while relaxing and enjoying  summer weather. Consider these tips to gear up with adorable and affordable picnic necessities all available from your neighborhood pOpshelf!


packing the cooler


For easy storage and organization, pack fresh fruits and vegetables in a collapsible round food storage bowl to keep them delicious. Next, grab nutritious Good&Smart snacks such as roasted & salted almonds, strawberry banana crisps, or sweet & salty kettle corn. Beverages such as Gatorade, purified water bottles, or blueberry raspberry protein infused water are options to keep everyone  hydrated. For a refreshing treat, Lindy’s Homemade Italian Ice or chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream bars can be the perfect ways to satisfy a summer sweet tooth.


setting up


To set up the picnic, first find the perfect basket. Search pOpshelf’s affordable selection of woven baskets that are fashionable and functional. Next, disposable dishware such as Americana Patterned dinner plates, TrueLiving cutlery, and Citrus Fruit napkins are options for easy and mess-free cleanups. Basket fillers may also include a stylish woven throw blanket, a few decorative pillows and Banana Boat SPF 50 Sport Sunscreen to stay protected from the sun.


fun in the sun  


For entertainment, set up arts and crafts for some fun in the sun! Offer each guest a mandala art coloring canvas and fine tip markers to let their creativity shine. pOpshelf also carries a wide variety of budget-friendly acrylic paints and coloring books that are perfect for every age. For pet lovers, consider purchasing a pet cooling mat, pet travel water bottle and dog or cat treats to keep furry friends happy and cool.


Plan and prepare a memorable summer picnic by visiting a local pOpshelf store to purchase  fun and budget-friendly items! Find a local store by visiting