pOp into class with pOpshelf!

General hero image - pOpshelf
General hero image - pOpshelf


From preparations for the first day of kindergarten, last year of college or anything in between, pOpshelf has an exciting assortment of supplies, surprises and essentials – all with fun and joyful shopping experience!




Colorful and fun school supplies including tropical themed pens, erasers and scented writing utensils may help start the academic year in a fun way.   To help stay hydrated during class, pick up one of the many options of reusable water bottles. Next, prevent lost supplies by using all-purpose labels  to customize belongings, and lastly, stock up on antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer that clip right onto the backpack!


dorm necessities


Trendy and inspired dorm décor and supplies from pOpshelf are both affordable and fun!  Start by decorating with colorful and vibrant wall décor, and browse through a selection of accent rugs and artificial plants to help make dorm spaces feel cozy and comfortable. For a personal touch, consider purchasing a cordless LED mood lamp, metallic stars string lights or an LED push light to put in the closet. Also consider adding a few photo frames filled with pictures of friends and loved ones.


get organized


To help organize schedules, consider purchasing a weekly planner or notebook to write down important events, dates and times. Next, a weekly list pad can be a good way to plan out meals to save time and money when grocery shopping. For leftovers, an assortment of food storage containers can help keep meals fresh and optimize refrigerator space. Finally, designate a woven storage basket for electronics and cords to keep them in one place.


With help from pOpshelf, discover fun finds in one joyful visit to prepare for back-to-school or back-to-campus activities! Find your local store by visiting www.popshelf.com/stores.