pOpshelf and The Confetti Foundation Partner in Chattanooga, TN

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As pOpshelf recently celebrated its second birthday and its 100th store opening in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Company partnered with The Confetti Foundation for a birthday surprise at nearby Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.


With the help of Chattanooga’s pOpshelf team and The Confetti Foundation, three-year-old Mallie celebrated her third birthday with a surprise tea-themed party and many fun gifts including an iPad, toys, a backpack, books, arts and crafts, and more


pOpshelf’s partnership with the Confetti Foundation provides birthday parties to children spending their birthday in a hospital, pediatric oncology clinic or hospice facility and intends to bring positive memories, normalcy and joy to patients and their families during a difficult time.


Since pOpshelf stores first opened in 2020, pOpshelf has donated more than $120,000 to The Confetti Foundation, helping provide more than 2,900 children’s birthday parties.