summer backyard BBQ hosting tips

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General hero image - pOpshelf


Celebrate warm weather by hosting a summer barbeque for friends and family with help of your neighborhood pOpshelf. By shopping at pOpshelf, you can enjoy a fun and stress-free shopping experience and pick up affordable hosting essentials!


grilling tools


A memorable barbeque starts with the right tools. Begin by wearing high-heat silicone grilling gloves and consider using a stainless-steel turner and stainless steel tong to protect hands and arms from the grill’s high temperatures. Next, use a non-stick steel grilling pan to load and unload ingredients. For added convenience, pick up specialty tools such as hot dog grill topper, corn cob grill topper and a round grilling wok to tailor to specific dishes. Finally, a stainless-steel grill scrubber can help save time when cleaning the grill once cooking is complete!


flavor essentials


To wow guests with savory flavors in each dish, choose from a variety of pOpshelf’s affordable seasoning options. Start with a zesty pineapple marinade before grilling and add  blackened or poultry seasoning, oregano, onion powder, and garlic salt and parsley to season  food to perfection. Top the meal off with delicious BBQ sauce, and utilize shaker sets and marinade trays to maintain a clean and organized space while cooking!


serving in style


With grilling complete, it’s time to enjoy! Serve guests in style with a variety of dinner table décor themes at pOpshelf’s, including reusable barbeque and hot dog baskets. Consider prepping the table with a striped table runner, cotton napkins and gold utensils for extra flare, and use large ceramic dishes like a side plate with handles and a leaf printed platter to serve side dishes. Finally, enjoy a tasty meal among warm temperatures and the company of friends and family.


Host a memorable backyard barbeque with help from pOpshelf and enjoy a joyful and fun cookout meal. Find your local pOpshelf by visiting